Glyde Bundle 2 Mesh Leggings sizes XS

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Glyde Bundle mesh leggings includes: 1 XS red apple leggings, 1 XS olive green side mesh leggings, jfit original leggings you must have. great fit and the  and quality of the leggings is top. Final SALE. No refunds or exchanges. 



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 We have experienced that quality activewear and fashion can equal confidence and empowerment. We believe that every women deserves to feel strong, confident, beautiful, and empowered in our pieces both in and out of the gym.


I have never loved a pair of workout leggings so much, I want them in every color. I am OBSESSED ! The material is so comfy and they don't get baggy or loose when you where them. The material is perfect for hardcore sweaty cardio, heaving lifting, AND passes the squat test! I'm 5 5' athletic build and 150 pounds and they couldn't fit better.

Shay Curran

Been wearing Jfitness wear for almost 10 years now and I absolutely love this brand, I wear it on a daily basis and by far this are the best leggings I have ever owned.

Cece Dogru


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